Tina Wang

Process is as important as the outcome

Week 45: FMP-Report


‘Candy Crash Awareness Campaign in London Underground’

This report for final project details the process of research, inspiration, conception and design of an awareness campaign for regular passengers in the London Underground. The goal of the project is to design an effective awareness campaign assist the frustrating environment and improve the experience of regular travelers in the London Underground.

While I was working on the task two about the visualizing ideas and concepts in design one, I picked the topic about London underground. At that moment, I went to London Underground in order to get inspiration of this project and I also experienced the frustration and stressed of a regular tube traveler. I took into consideration the time I spent in the transport, the noise and the crowd. So I decided to keep doing this topic in the FMP. Firstly, I looked for some articles about that topic. The TfL (Transport for London) website reported that ‘up to four million passengers travels by London Underground per day and during peak times there are more than 535 trains whizzing around the Capital.’ (TfL, nd.) In 2009, the report is called ‘Too close for comfort: Passengers‘ experiences of the London Underground’ did a survey on London’s subway train system and has found that over 80 per cent of passengers are stressed. It was made by a London transport committee, who questioned more than 700 commuters.  (Banville, 2009)

I focused my research for office workers only first. Because I thought they work in stressful environment and they have to travel across stressful surrounding. Their journey is rhythm by the stress. So my first research question was ‘how an effective communication design can help office worker in the frustrating environment at the London Underground?’ However, as I experienced this stressful environment too, I changed my research to ‘How can an effective awareness campaign assist the frustrating environment and improve the experience of regular travelers in the London Underground.

During the process I used five methods to develop my topic. I used Internet, I read newspapers, I did an online survey a face to face interview on the field and a persona and scenario for the creative processI found really difficult to overcome the language barrier during interviews and it was also uneasy to found regular tube travelers with time to answer my questions. Despite that the topic of my research did find a positive echo among the Londoners. Indeed the results of interviews underlined the frustration of the transport users. Most of them complained about the busy traffic the noise. In the beginning of my interview journey I was shy to disturb people. But as the answers of the travelers confirmed what I did find on internet and in the newspapers I felt more confident to talk to people, because I realized that people are willing to talk about their frustration.I can say that I progress from 10% confidence to around 85% at the end of my journey.

My outcome of the FMP was design an awareness campaign via three awareness posters – ‘Slow down, Avoid the Crash’ ‘Give way, Avoid the Crash’ and ‘Stand right, Avoid the Crash’. One basic rules of awareness booklet, eleven awareness Oyster Card Holders, eleven Candy Crash mini sweets and sweet bottles, an app has Route Planner, Station Alert, Oyster Card Top Up and Map functions, one video of project and one website. During this process I learned to overcome my shyness and built my confidence. Even if the language was sometimes a huge barrier, I realised that a clear and well presented topic can be understood from anybody. I realised that London underground is a crowded environment and even if I tried through my project to bring a bitserenity to travellers it does not really solve the problem on its own. If I had to redo the project again I will plan my journey differently. I will ask two or three regular travellers if I can follow them on week days and week end .I want to know if they are frustrated by the time the same way. I think this will be very accurate for my project.

Consequently, behind all process of this project are a simple propose: assist the frustrating environment and improve the experience of regular travelers in the London Underground.




Banville, S. (2009). London Subway Passengers Stressed Out. Retrieved May 29, 2015 from http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/0912/091203-london_underground.html

[2] TFL. (n.d.). Facts & figures. Retrieved May 29, 2015 from https://www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/about-tfl/what-we-do/london-underground/facts-and-figures


Week 45: FMP-Project Video

Here is my FMP project video which shows how an awareness campaign assist the frustrating environment and improve the experience of regular travelers in the London Underground.

Week 44: FMP-Awareness Oyster Card Holders

These eleven Oyster Card Holders are match the colors, tips as the Basic Rules of Awareness Booklet.

20150814_190938 20150815_151029 IMG_6552 IMG_6580 IMG_6595 IMG_6596 IMG_6597  IMG_6599 IMG_6600 IMG_6601 IMG_6602 IMG_6603 IMG_6604 IMG_6605 IMG_6606

Week 44: FMP-Basic Rules of Awareness Booklet

This booklet use eleven tube colors with broken sweet bottle combined some tips to aware the travelers.

001 Print 003 005-01  007-01 009-01 011-01012-01010-01008-01006-01    004

Week 44: FMP-Final Awareness Posters

There are three awareness posters that I have done for FMP. One A1 and two A2. The meaning of the posters are aware people do not make crash when are travel in the London Underground. There are combined the hand drawing and hand make which use real M&M and bottle glass.

11830863_1613102835609656_1763346952_n  11845926_1613107095609230_332323363_n

11844100_1613102852276321_1261195259_n 11830308_1613103938942879_1505448900_n11857788_1613102865609653_476619709_n11845956_1613107098942563_1479055535_n

Week 43: FMP-Final sweet bottles of the awareness campaign

I have done my eleven colour sweet bottles of the awareness campaign of the London Underground. Each colour is corresponding to each tube line.

brownredyellow  greenpink

Bakerloo line           Central line           Circle line           District line          Hammersmith & City line

greavypuppleblackbuled       web(bule)

Jubilee line           Metropolitan line           Northern line         Piccadilly line                  Victoria line


Waterloo & City line

The security of the sweet glass bottle is the QR code which back on the ‘Crash’ logo. Passengers can download the app via this RQ code, then they can start their great journey in the London Underground.

未标题-1 logo blog-01

Week 43: FMP- Candy Crash, Happy Crash

Candy and glass bottle are the most important elements of my project. I am going to use them through the project.


Prototype – Colourful candy bottle

The propose of using candy is would like to make regular travelers feel happy, as human being, candy can make people feel happy, once we are feeling down we want to have some sweet. So candy likes regular travelers, The glass bottle is kind of protection and also a closed place, travelers can be protected in the glass bottle and also they can not care others feeling because of the closed bottle. Such as, in the crowded London Underground, passengers make crash once they do not care others and they are in hurry.

11749632_1606948459558427_1037603033_n 11756691_735904276521681_1021041742_n 11793300_735904279855014_310513813_n

Draft of candy bottle

Each bottle of candy are using the colours from each tube line. Travelers will get single colour of bottle when they get on each line, once they meet other passengers on the tube, the different colours going to make crash by dangerous and happy.


Some tools are used for make the candy glasses

11758840_735904293188346_573164494_n 11774489_735904296521679_1575621384_n 11791804_735904299855012_914086386_n 11758792_1606948426225097_979652525_n bb1112cc7207d95d347a7d149b69141f

The process for making candy glasses (first draft)