Week 1: Ten principles for good design

by wangtianchen

I found an example of mobile app which is Snapchat. I will describe how Snapchat demonstrates one of these principles.

Snapchat is an innovative tool and popular mobile app in the crowded market place. It innovates mobile conversation by image and video between friends.  As extremely different with typing message with friends.  Snapchat  is a clear, fast and funny way to transmit people’s expression by taking photo or video, and also user can add sentence or drawing on photo and video.

The best part of design of Snapchat is that will disappear from the screen after people view it. The mean is people can not keep any photos and videos unless people take screenshots of these. How creative and innovative design is! Never had before.

f99109d38ff0884216cee667e77dc50e_400x400       snapchat


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