Week 3: Portfolio Task # 1 – Cultural Probes

by wangtianchen

This week we are going to design two different cultural probes that could be used to gather data from the target users group.


Cultural Probes Brief

Cultural Probe A: Youtube Cultural Probe

My cultural Probe focused on getting to know international student community in UK. First of all, designers must know what they like, what they interested in.

Youtube, Fackbook, Twitter became most popular social networks in the word. When international students come to UK, they must use social network to require information and communicate. They want to give some information and advice from others and also want to share their feeling. So why not choose Youtube be a stage in order to gather data from the target users group.


Youtube Cultural Probes

1. Designers make first video and post on Youtube to introduce the purpose.





2. Choose one topic each week in teams of international students’ life in UK. Help them how to getting better and how to involve UK’s environment. (Which are international students interested in and needed). Share us information and also get international students’ data. Use easy, informal language with English subtitle.


Example: Make videos about food which we cooked today and show the process of how to cook. Let audiences share us some food they cooked today to get information. We can know what kind of food international students like.


Example: Make videos to introduce some good restaurants, supermarkets and shopping centre. And get data from their comments, what international students like.


Example: Make videos to introduce some of international students’ study. And get data about their subject.


Example: Make videos to recommend one movie, football match and club etc. And get data about what they like in teams of entertainment and what they are going to do when they meet friend.

In my view, design need to think important is how to get data from users when designers make cultural probes. This is why you design cultural probes. So designers need to think what they like, which be a first chance to involve users.

Cultural Probe B: Game Cultural Probe

I use one game to get data from users. It is really clear to show how to play. This game can be play with flatmates or classmates. Designers can easily get information from three person through one game. Why not! It is interesting way and quickly way to get date.

There are three part of this game. LET US KNOW ABOUT YOU, STUDY IN UK AND YOUR LIFE.


Game Cultural Probe

And finally these games will return to teachers and we will collect these games from teachers. This kind of insurance way!

In the end, I would like to share some of cultural Probes from my classmates.

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