Week 4: Process work for Design 1 – User Experience Mapping

by wangtianchen

In this week, we looked User Experience Mapping.

What is an experience map?

Experience mapping is a strategic process of capturing and communicating complex customer interactions. The activity of mapping builds knowledge and consensus across your organization, and the map helps build seamless customer experiences. You can find a link in here if you would like to know more: http://mappingexperiences.com/ [1]

In the class, we have been asked to make one rough map. Our group chose one if the user experiences below to map:

Eating in the School canteen

Borrowing and returning a library book

Your journey to University

Buying a product online


Brief of this task

We drawn 3 long horizontal lines on our roll of paper and add the titles to each line, which are DOING, THINK, AND FEELING. And also make the time from IN HOME, ON THE ROAD to ARRIVAL.

In the paper we wrote what action we took, what we were thinking, what emotions we felt when we journey to university in each time.


Rough Map

In this activity, we found some special and interesting answer in our group. Such as when we were walking on the road to go university, we were thinking who beside me?! Interesting, isn’t it? So we got a lot of different idea from different people. This was the first time I tried to doing experience mapping, it has helped me to thinking when to use an experience map, what I should get out of it, and how it fits into the overall research and design process.

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[1] Adaptive Path. (2014). New challenges require new approaches – Map the experience. Retrieved October 21, 2014 from http://mappingexperiences.com/