Week 5: Process work for Design 1 – Disrupt Thinking Pattern

by wangtianchen

Why we need to disrupt thinking pattern?

Today, logical thinking is not enough for designers. We need to look for some skills that will disrupt our comfortable use of logic and pattern. And then we can innovative our design and personal.

Lets look some interesting activities of disrupt thinking pattern that we have done with tutor James in this Monday. It was quite fun.

In the first part, it was a warm-up act for try to help us to disrupt thinking pattern. One of this activity is we need to think more different ways to make the square equal. We found difficult when we doing more. Another one is we need to draw some pattern on some circles make circles become something. Both of them let we draw more as we can in order to develop our thinking pattern.


In the second part, we were going to further activity, its called brainstorm. Every students were using 20 matchsticks to create ideas as more as we can on papers. Even we felt hard to think more and more ideas, but the important thing in this activity is how we can create more ideas for one thing and finally we can find one special to come.

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The last activity was the most highlight in Monday’s class. Each group need to solve one problem and use some restricted materials to make model for your idea within 15 minutes! Our group’s question was how might a public park encourage and facilitate communication and interaction among residents? We can just use 1 tinfoil, 1 ball, 4 plastic cups, 4 papers, some clips, colorful rubber bands and strings.

We created one game through the park in order to make people to communicate. The point in our model is communication! We used 4 plastic cups to made one part of people talk and another part of propel listen what they talk.

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We learned how to disrupt thinking pattern in these activities. We need to always think more ideas when we create and design some works, finally, it will help us to going to more specific way. It is no right or wrong ideas during you come more ideas. So do not afraid to try to come more ideas. Just do it!