Week 5: The importance of sketching

by wangtianchen

It is a truism today that we live in an age of rapid technological advance.

Today, many of areas – music, fashion, design, art, web, and media are covered by technology, the old pencil and paper are least getting noticed. Even for designers, Design Director at Forty Amy said when she was a college school student, why would I want to sketch in a silly little book when I have this computer, with all design software imaginable and more fonts than I could possibly know what do with? [1]

Yes! Why is sketching important for designers?

This article will combine the video from James Williamson to show you the importance of sketching for web designer and how your pen and paper will help you and building your successful web works. James Williamson is a senior author for lynda.com and an Adobe Certified Instructor. He has many years of web, print, and digital video experience, and has been a featured speaker at Flashforward as well as a regular speaker at Adobe MAX. James also blogs (infrequently) about all things web at his site, Simple Primate, which can be found at www.simpleprimate.com. [2]

Sketching planning is the first steps in the web design process.


James says If you don’t have a good planning process in place, it doesn’t matter how good your code writing skills are. Your sites simply won’t be effective. For me, that’s where sketching comes in. Sketching can be one of the most efficient and effective planning tools in a web designer’s arsenal. [3]

Second step is sketching. Sketching is only to help explore and explain design concepts. You don’t need to worry about any mistakes.

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How designers benefit from sketching?


  • Saves time in the workflow process.
  • Great for brainstorming ideas and collaborating with team members.
  • Refines the wire framing process
  • Helps evaluate the feasibility of features and eliminate layout and functionality issues.
  • Anyone can sketch ideas.

What do we need for sketching?


  • pen
  • Paper
  • Sharpie marker
  • Highlighter
  • Post-it notes
  • Rulers

A lot of best ideas start with a sketch. You always can find the best idea and solutions from sketching book. Now it’s your turn! How important sketching is in your design work?  So, lets shut down laptop and grab a pen, grab some paper, and start sketching out your ideas.


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