Week 7: Portfolio Task # 2 – Visualising Ideas and Concepts

by wangtianchen

In this task, I need to produce a number of rapidly drawn ideas for solutions to my given problem. The problem shows below:

It is evident that the tube(London Underground) as we know it will become even more crowded, less personal, and ultimately more frustrating for the London commuter.  Come up with ideas to develop the concept of ‘commuter engagement’ that eradicates the negative thoughts the passenger experiences throughout their journey. TV, radio, film, and music streaming are not allowed.

This is 25 – 30 ROUGHLY ROUGH ideas that might form the basis for a solution to my given problem scenario.

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Two annotated and well-crafted (PRECISELY ROUGH) presentational pieces


My first idea is using FOOD RECIPE in the London Underground. Every people like food, food can make people feel happy, speciously delicious food. People also curious how to make delicious food. Why not make food recipe in the London Underground! It is a good chance think about commuter’s dinner! Such as one side of tickets have hand drawing food recipe, wall of pathway have food recipe process, using cut food model in checking machine (when commuter have checking tickets via the checking machine, it likes they cutting food.) and painting dish in front of set. Food recipe will cover every where in London Underground.


My second idea is using iPAD PHOTO MACHINE in the London Underground. Put iPad on the wall of pathway, commuters will touch the screen because they are curious. And then iPad will take photo automatically after commuters touch, after you taken photo you can choose any background and also use iPad pen to draw whatever you want.  In the end photos will send email to you when you register your email address. People like take photo, this is also one of way make them happy and enjoying when they in the London Underground.


Process of these two presentational pieces 

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