Week 8: Process work for Design 1 – Data Visualisation

by wangtianchen

In week 8, we are required to generate and visually represent in 3-D a set of data from our everyday lives.

Our group (five members) have given a topic was WASTE. First, we produced a set of data based on information we generate as a group and then drew a simple bar chart to illustrate our data initially.

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After that we construct a 3-D installation to communicated our data.

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Our group analyse the data of how much time in using computers & mobiles per day. We collect data from five members in our group and use difference colors to represents five different member. Small patterns shows data of using mobile, big patterns displays data of using computer. In this data visualization, plastic dish symbolize clock and time. Shattered dish with WASTE means waste time. The data shows on the stairs in order to make 3-D visual from lowest to highest.


One thing we need to improve is the concepts which we used in our data visualisation need to more relative the topic, the mean is we need to choose relative materials when design the data visualisation in order to make data more easy to understand even without any explain.


There are some point which I learned from this class:

  • Remember the function of data communication is to visualise data fro an audience so they can reach an understanding quickly.
  • Ensure our materials, location and how we choose to present the information is relevant to the subject of our data.
  • Help us to start by brainstorming the cheap readily available 3-D materials we can use to construct our installation and then think about data that could be relevant.
  • Think of visual metaphors or associations relevant to our subject so our installation and engaging for an audience.