Week 9: Process work for Design 1 – Typography Layout

by wangtianchen

In Monday class,  tutor James introduced some basic, modern graphic design principles that can be followed to ensure that the student arrives at a effective visualisation design. These are layout, hierarchy and typography, these principles provide a grounding in effective visual communication that should be used to inform our future projects.

We did one class activity was using three different weights and sizes typeface contents to create EIGHT layout styles on grid paper.

Firstly, we need to cut the text out from paper individually, follow “Who”, “When”, “Where” and “what” to cut. And start to using the smallest size typeface (one size) to do normal layout.

week9 week9f week9e

After that, we were going to use bold typeface but still the same size as the first one, combine with the first typeface. The important information should be shows in bold one.


Finally,We using the largest size and first size combination. I was thinking “Who”, “When”, “Where” and “what” to created FOUR layout. The largest size typeface became the most important information of this text.

week9bd week9bc week9b week9a

In this section, I learned how to emphasis information in typography design and think reader, how to make information more simple and clearly.