Week 11: Summary of Design 1 Module

by wangtianchen

As time files, this week is the end of Design 1 module, all students are going to submit our assessments. Personality, I acquired a lots of knowledge and skills of communication design which I ever know before in university. In my final blog task, I would like to show you some highlights of my works for Design 1 module, what was successful and difficult for me,  and describe how weekly readings influenced my projects.



In my view, Ideation was more successful assessed task for me. It is a basic element of what I understood for the task and it is the creative process of developing and communicating with new ideas.

I produced 25 – 30 ROUGHLY ROUGH ideas for solutions to my given problem and two annotated and well-crafted (PRECISELY ROUGH) presentational pieces in this task. It was to come up with ideas to develop the concept of ‘commuter engagement’ that eradicates the negative thoughts the passenger experiences throughout their journey in London Underground. As you can seen on my Week 7 blog post.



25 – 30 roughly rough ideas


 two annotated and well-crafted (precisely rough) presentational pieces

Honestly, I found really difficult after 10 ideas and complained to think and draw more ideas. But why I feel its more successful assessed task for me, not only the quality of my work but also the passionate about my ideas. Now I recognized how development process is extremely important to keep an open mind. That way, each phase or round of ideation can get I closer to the best possible solution, even if the final product strays from the initial concept.


On the other hand, I also found an assessed task I felt difficult, which is musePad deep user study. In this task, easy or difficult depends on how deep you were going to research. Nowadays, with so much emphasis on user-centered design, describing and justifying the importance of designing and enhancing the user experience seems almost unnecessary as I thought before as well. After the final task musePad, I could say it’s important because it deals with our users’ needs but still fell difficult to understand user.




Deep user study and user experience map by group

I confused at first time, what I need to study? How I am going to research and what I need to understand from user? The reason why I felt difficult is I could not understood in deeply and it is difficult to deep study for user who have different personalities, and then going to design your study and developing idea from your study.

20141209_222610 20141209_222551


15 roughly rough ideas of user experience map


Final user experience map and personas 

To be honest, I can not exactly to say how I might approach it differently next time. As I understand for deep user study is the thing you need to involve and want to do in our mind. Actually I felt interesting and curious after I did more, so after this experience, I believe I can do better than this time and will try to research deeply.


In terms of the weekly readings, I can say every articles and videos helped me for my Design 1 tasks and I acquired a lots of knowledge from weekly readings. The reading of first week: Ten principles for good design have big impact to me. It means start to my journey of blog, Design 1 module and also knowledge of communication design. After I read this article and completed the questions which was find more example to support the ten principles, I was trying to follow the ten principles in my projects in Design 1 module. I could not did really well in my Design 1 model, but I am trying to do my best and I support it is really important way to tie us to do our best for design!