Week 22: New Ideas for Parking

by wangtianchen

This week I am going to analyse my drawings and collages new ideas for my system – Parking. There are Bench Parking, Light Balloon Parking and Parking Concert/Football Parking.


Bench Parking

This idea is going to solve the problem of parking space, it combines some elements of Parking lot, Bench and Street light. As we know more and more people get cars and parking demand is rising sharply, so how to use others’ space for parking become a important fact.

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Bench Parking Process Drawing & 3D model

Bench Parking is build at bench area, without parking it is a normal bench, people can take rest and also charge their mobile phone on street light which near the bench. This street light is controlled by solar board, every electronic function is from the solar board. There are electronic light, parking card reader, wireless receiver and transmitter, mobile charger and car charger. The platform of bench will descend and one more platform for car parking parallel to fill out the space when driver swipe the parking card, then wireless receiver and transmitter will send information on parking app.

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Some functions of Bench Parking

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Showing how Bench Parking work

Parking Concert/Football Parking

One more idea for parking space, how to use parking space when parking isn’t in use.

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Car Boot Sale in Winchester

These ideas from the Car boot sale, parking also can use for concert at night or football play ground. People can drive their car to parking, bring chair and food in order to enjoy these activities.


Parking Concert/Football Parking Process Drawing

Light Balloon Parking

Drivers always complain how hard to find parking space at night and if all the electronic can not working at night, how drivers can find parking space at that time. This idea come from fire balloon, fire balloon can easily to recognise in the sky. So what if balloon become light balloon and it always up when parking spaces are free, also it can going down when occupied. Driver can quickly and easily to find parking space whenever at night or electronic gone.

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Balloon Parking Process Drawing & experiment