Week 30: Speculative Design project videos

by wangtianchen

In this week, we were learning how to make short video about our system of smart city. After class, I have watched a list of examples of speculative design projects videos on Vimeo.

I have chosen 2 videos from the list of examples on this website. The first video is one I feel communicate well and the second, one that is less effective.


Transcendenz‘ is one of video which I feel communicate well. It has a clear message about the Transcendenz offers to connect our everyday life to an invisible reality, the one of ideas is the world is full of but that our eyes cant’ see. By bringing together the concepts of augmented/altered reality, Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and social networks, Transcendenz offers to live immersive philosophical experiences.

007 008


The interesting things of this video are main ‘actor’ and concepts. ‘Actor’ also important of video, he looks funny and curious. The video made one funny part on the bus is really helpful to let audiences to understand of the concept and engaging to watch.

005 004

In terms of the visual language, it is really suit the subject matter – “Through meditation, users access the world of Inter Consciousness, a white and silent universe in which they can connect themselves to the metaphysical experiences. These experiences transform our perception of the world and reveal an invisible philosophy.” My favorite part was when all the emotions got mapped onto that cone, it is really beautiful! Great work!

006 002


However, ‘Pro-Folio‘ sent unclear message to me and I don’t understand the propose of making this video. Furthermore, it is nothing interesting in this video and is not engaging to watch… Also I am not quite sure does it have visual language. Consequently, I can’t understand this video.

010 009