Week 31: Design Project Report (draft)

by wangtianchen

Parking is a system of near futures that people use every day in their urban environment, it becomes more and more difficult and it causes some issues. What if we could improve quality of parking in our life, increase happiness of parking and combine excise and parking with one single solution in future smart city?

There are three key ideas through my project – Reuse, Playable and Cooperation. My project of Smart City “Parking lots football,” devised an application service that enables British citizens to play football in car parks that are not in use.

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Parking Lots Football – Smart City

The first interface for the application is “Find and Add”, where people acquire and upload information about the location of parking football. The application would shows which car park can people play football and people can add location which they observe that are not in use. The information is including location, time and payment. Then, the application creates a community “Chat and Play” and “Join and Share” in order to bring people together for playing and joining. The service offers a fresh look at the idea of interaction and cooperation, the notion that we can achieve more together than alone. The point of this project is to solve the problem of wasted spaces of parking, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds, and using parking spaces for playing. The cooperation is not only for people but also for spaces, how to make well cooperation between football and parking. However, how can people care the environment at car parks after play football become a challenge and problem with the Smart City concept that my project engage with.

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The application for Parking Lots Football

Here are three projects have influenced my work and my project also connects to these three themes as my points – Reuse, Playable and Cooperation. First project is presented by Goldsmiths University graduate Oliver Bishop-Young about SkipWaste. Oliver’s work focuses on skips and looks at three main areas: exchange of waste materials, re-use of waste and making use of wasted spaces. The project involved converting empty skips into public spaces such as skate parks, swimming pools and gardens. (Dezeen, 2008) …

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SkipWaste by Oliver Bishop-Young


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