Week 32: Feedback for Project – Kin Design

by wangtianchen

On 13th of May, 2015. We had a really great opportunity to visited Kin Design Studio and to present our project of Smart City in front of designers who are working at Kin Design Studio and our tutors, in London.

It was a wonderful day with sunshine. Kin Design Studio located at Farringdon Road in London, a traditional British flat. Studio not that much big but it was so lovely, it has four or five floors, including office, workshop, meeting room… The main point of this visitation was to share our idea of project, get some feedback and inspiration for our designed system in Smart City and also it was a good chance to look around design studio, how does it work and how does the environment as a design studio in London.

At first, Luke introduced Kin Design Studio, brought us look around and explained how they are worked and some function about tools, which they used for design model. Then, we were going to present our project on by one at one meeting room.

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Kin Design Studio – London

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Presentation – Kin Design Studio

Summarize my feedback which I got from designer, Luke and tutors: It is interesting to design an application that in enables people to play football in car parks that are not in use. However, if I can consider the time for use car parks which are not in use, it means  what people can do at car park in morning, afternoon and night. So it can be variety of ideas and designs, and it can make the original idea more interesting and relative the playable city. For example, parking training at morning, play football in afternoon and have a music concert at night. Personality, I am really interested this system and would like to see if this idea can be put on real world. I am very please that they gave me these good suggestions, I would like to keep doing this system combine these advice in order to see what going to happen.

After the presentation, we went to one exhibition called ‘Future Cities Catapult’ . Here has the link that you can find more information: https://futurecities.catapult.org.uk/

“We are Future Cities Catapult. We accelerate urban ideas to market, to grow the economy and make cities better. We bring together businesses, universities and city leaders so that they can work with each other to solve the problems that cities face, now and in the future”

– Future Cities Catapult

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Future Cities Catapult


Photography – MA Communication Design Students with Luke