Week 37: FMP-London Underground Questionnaire

by wangtianchen

This week, I did 25 questionnaires and few interviews in London Underground in order to know the exactly information and feedback from passengers.


Here are five questions what I made for my research:

  1. What age category do you fit into?

To manger my target group by age

  1. What is your propose to usually travel by London Underground?

To know the identity of my target group

  1. What is important to you when you travelling in London Underground?

To understand the important things for passenger when they travel in London Underground

  1. How long you spent your journey in London Underground per week?

To consider the value of assist issues in London Underground

  1. How much the environment of London Underground that influenced your mood during your journey?

To know how much passengers care their mood when they in London Underground


In these 25 questionnaires, there are majority of interviewees’s age between 25-45. I asked some teenagers, unfortunately, all teenagers who I asked, they refused to have interview and help for questionnaires.

For the propose, 20 interviewees take London Underground because of work, 3 are for travelling, 2 for shopping. So as the same as the 2011 survey, majority of passengers travel for work.

The important things for passengers are time, there are 18 people who are worker think time is most important, 2 for Destination because they are tourist what they said, 4 who are workers and the person for shopping chose Environment, 1 tourist for People.

In terms of time, 20 workers spent 7 to up 10hs for their journey per week, it is big number.

About influence, almost passengers chose Very influenced and Moderately influenced.

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Though the interviews, all passenger feel unsatisfied about London Underground from crowd, noisy and frustrate. These already influenced passengers travel life. So I am extremely believe there are big issues that I am going to solve and make it better.

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