Week 39: FMP-Feedback from Tutorial

by wangtianchen

I had my first individual tutorial with my supervisor Andy on this Wednesday. As last group tutorial, Andy talked about think general about our topic first and make target users. After that tutorial, I rethought my my topic in general way and improved my questionnaires and made interviews in order to get information from people and analyse what kind of problem I want to solve and what people need for this system and choose my target group.

In terms of my research, there are three important points about this tutorial:

First of all, WHY. Keep asking why about your research. During the tutorial, Andy asked me a lot of times WHY about some problems which I found in my research. There are a lot of problems from London Underground: Over crowded, Frustration, Noisy, People rudeness, Air fresh, Smell and Boredom. So WHY it’s crowd? WHY people feel frustrating, noisy? WHY London Underground is less air fresh and smell? WHY passengers feel boring?… Keep asking WHY is to help us poking research and find most interesting and great insight.

Secondly, Users. Andy asked an example about setting tables and make kind of restaurant in Tube carriage to let people eating food in the London Underground. This example which my group members found interesting from the workshop. The point of this activities was to let commuters can eat breakfast. There are a lot of activities such as ‘No Pants Day’ in London Underground in order to make commuters feel happy. So all activities are made because of users. Commuters, Students, Tourists, Shoppers are taking London Underground regularly, so my user might be regulars. I have interviewed some people and also got useful information from them. As Andy said, my next step should be make persona and scenario, so I can think idea based on their view, and also when you make scenario, you will find more details. It will be problems or ideas.

Thirdly, Problem. I showed my research, articles, journals, examples about what people done for London Underground and Underground of other countries, and also I did my primary research, questionnaires and interviews. The propose of all research is want to find problems about London Underground and what is most influenced passengers. This is also what I want to solve. Andy said as my research, Over crowded, Frustration, Noisy, People rudeness, Air fresh, Smell and Boredom, there are all from one problem, it is crowd. Because of crowd, people feel frustrating, noisy, smell and less air fresh… Then, Andy helped me to make some ideas from Free Food. There are more than ten ideas came out, such as packer of mints, water, coffee+biccys… and also when you think Free, it can be newspaper, eye-shade, earplugs… Some ideas seems stupid but after you create more, will inspire new ideas which will be great.

20150626_211103 20150626_211113

So what I need to do next step is to create 40 or more idea to solve this problem.