Week 40: FMP-Workshop2

by wangtianchen

This week, we had our second workshop on Wednesday morning with our tutor Andy. The purpose of the workshop is help us with the 500 words reflective writing and informs the 1 minute reflective film that is one of our assessed outcomes.

Reflective writing is used to analyze and examine an event, memory, or observation. The writer reflects on the meaning and impact of the occasion. [1]

In terms our FMP reflects writing, it is looking back at our process of projects. How we arrived at our topic/ final project? Discuses the process of doing my final project and how could my project better or improve? Moreover, there are many ways to record the process of project. Such as reflect diary, journal plan, sketch notes, storyboard and digital journal. We can try different ways to make the process.


The notes from Adeline

One more thing that tutor Andy mentioned the four steps in this approach are ‘DIEP’.


  • Describe objectively what you learned from the incident
  • Respond to the question: “What did I observe, hear, and learn from the incident?”


  • Explain your personal interpretation of the learning you DESCRIBED
  • Identify new insights and epiphanies
  • Identify connections between your new learning with other learning and your emotional responses
  • Suggest hypotheses, explanations, and conclusions that you infer from your learning incident
  • Respond to the question: “What implications might this learning have for my professional and/or personal life?”


  • Could the process of learning (and teaching) have been more effective and/or efficient? How?
  • Respond to the question: “What is my personal opinion about the value of what I have learned?”


  • Describe and explain how the learning and insights presented above could be useful to you
  • Identify specific SMARTER goals for: Your future profession and/or personal life; Your future approach to learning
  • Respond to the question: “In what ways might this learning incident serve me in the future?” [2]


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[2] Peter, J. (2010). Write a reflective document: The DIEP framework Retrieved July 01, 2015 from http://pogus.tumblr.com/post/915055044/diep