Week 41: FMP-Labyrinth

by wangtianchen

This week, I have watched one documentary from Youtube: Art and design of the London underground/150th anniversary. In this documentary, there is one excellent example from Art on the London Underground. A dynamic programme of events, activities and initiatives are underway throughout 2013 to accompany Labyrinth, creatived by artist Mark Wallinger. 270 black and white enamel works that hanged in London Underground. The Labyrinth project is two years in the making and follows an approach by London Underground to fulfill the network’s largest ever art commission in what is its 150th birthday year.

Turner Prize Winning Artist Unveils Art Commission For London Underground's 150th Anniversary

artist Mark Wallinger


The map of Labyrinth in the London Underground

One for each station on the network, each one bearing its own unique circular labyrinth, but with a graphic language common to all. Rendered in bold black, white and red graphics, the artworks are produced in vitreous enamel, a material used for signs throughout London Underground, including the Tube’s roundel logo, whose circular nature the labyrinth design also echoes. Positioned at the entrance of each labyrinth is a red X. This simple mark, drawing on the language of maps, is a cue to enter the pathway. The tactile quality of the artwork’s surface invites the viewer to trace the route with a finger, and to understand the labyrinth as a single meandering path into the centre and back out again – a route reminiscent of the Tube traveller’s journey. [1]

v0_master Baker Streetsmall

Passengers trying to find the way out in Labyrinth

From that came the idea of mazes and labyrinths and the strength of the latter was that there is only one way in and one way out, unlike mazes which set out to confuse with their tricks and dead ends. “As long as you keep going in a labyrinth you will come to your centre,” he said. Each work will have a red cross on it, representing a starting point. [2]

v263270-Embankment 58270-Baker-Street

63/270 58/270 Labyrinth

I have seen the number 103/270 in Victoria station, which hanged beside tickets machine.


Labyrinth in Victoria station


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