Week 41: FMP-Feedback from Tutorial

by wangtianchen

I had the last tutorial before self-study. It was really important and useful for me. This tutorial determine what I am going to display my project on FMP exhibition.

First of all, the main problem of London Underground is Crowded. Because of crowded, it leads a lot of problems and passengers feel frustrating in the London Underground. I am trying to improve the experience of Tube users (Regular travelers) by sweet colour. I would like to make passengers feel happy, warm and relax and also they can give happiness, to others and care other people when they travel in the London Underground.

The outcome of my project is ‘Awareness’ Campaign. There are some elements include in my project.

  • x2 Posters (Station + Trains)
  • x1 Booklet (Tips)
  • x 3/15 Packages for sweets
  • Alerts in Headphones (Prototype)
  • 2-3mins video (Sweets + Alerts in Headphones)
  • Website of project



Notes from Andy (Supervisor)



Ideation of London Underground



Notes about Alerts Headphone