Week 41: FMP-Workshop3

by wangtianchen

We had our last workshop this Wednesday with tutor Jackie and Dr Jane Birkin who presented alumni advice on exhibiting the FMP final outcome as an independent MACD practitioner. She kindly brought in again her sketchbooks to share and reflecting on her own FMP student experience and giving us the benefit of advice from a MACD student perspective.

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Hardout from Workshop

The SIX WORD STORIES Workshop produced on Wednesday, it was really useful for me to decide the titles of my FMP project.

In the1920s, Ernest Hemingway bet ten dollars that he could write a complete story in just six words. He wrote:”For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He won the bet.

A working title is sometimes called a production title, or a rough title and is a temporary name for a product or project used during its development. Working titles are used when the ‘end result’ is not decided or finished and work is still in progress. As the brief, we paired up with another student and spent 10 mins between us and discussed our projects. Then we tried to describe ourselves in 6 words. ‘Feel sweet, London Underground.’ was my working title which I made, because I am trying to make the project that is to let passengers feel sweet, relax and comfortable and solve the problem about frustrating environment from crowded in the London Underground. Dr Jane Birkin gave me suggestion that I can make the title more powerful, like ‘Candy Crush’.  After short discuss with Dr Jane Birkin, I clear on issues covered and that the work I am produced. Now to develop them to best represent our projects or decide that what I have works and does justice to your creative work.