Week 43: FMP- Logo Design

by wangtianchen

The name of my FMP project is ‘CRASH‘. Crash including a lot of meaning in here, the main propose of this title is want to make passengers care others when they walk through the London Underground. In the crowded London Underground, passengers make crash once they do not care others and they are in hurry. In terms of the candy mini glass bottle, the opposite meaning is also want to passengers care emotion of others, make feeling crash, happy crash, it also can be positive. I am going to use the same colours and shape as the logo of the London Underground, just change the position of colours and word. It will be hard drawing, because I would like to show the flexible.

11778057_735904786521630_1884859947_n11774722_735904789854963_471185350_n   804563_735904793188296_1586910451_n11791803_735904329855009_914472971_n

Logo ‘CRAHS’ of my project