Week 43: FMP-Awareness Campaign Poster

by wangtianchen



Here are the basic ideas what I made for Awareness Campaign Poster of the London Underground.

The right side poster is showing the crash between passengers. In the crowded London Underground, passengers make crash once they do not care others and they are in hurry. As the illustration, the bottle glass are broken and candy are scattering at everywhere. The candy likes passengers and the glass bottle like the protection. So the prose of this poster is to aware passenger please slow down when you walk through the London Underground.


Poster 1 – Slow down, don’t CRASH !

The another poster is showing the common condition usual happened when passenger s want to get in side of the rube train and the passengers who want to get out. The same messages which I would like to show to passengers is please wait a moment, let the passengers who are inside the tube train get out first, don’t make crash.



Poster 2 – Pause, don’t CRASH !

IMG_6749 11778225_1608024326117507_1992934643_n

Draft of the two posters