Week 43: FMP- Candy Crash, Happy Crash

by wangtianchen

Candy and glass bottle are the most important elements of my project. I am going to use them through the project.


Prototype – Colourful candy bottle

The propose of using candy is would like to make regular travelers feel happy, as human being, candy can make people feel happy, once we are feeling down we want to have some sweet. So candy likes regular travelers, The glass bottle is kind of protection and also a closed place, travelers can be protected in the glass bottle and also they can not care others feeling because of the closed bottle. Such as, in the crowded London Underground, passengers make crash once they do not care others and they are in hurry.

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Draft of candy bottle

Each bottle of candy are using the colours from each tube line. Travelers will get single colour of bottle when they get on each line, once they meet other passengers on the tube, the different colours going to make crash by dangerous and happy.


Some tools are used for make the candy glasses

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The process for making candy glasses (first draft)