Week 45: FMP-Report

by wangtianchen


‘Candy Crash Awareness Campaign in London Underground’

This report for final project details the process of research, inspiration, conception and design of an awareness campaign for regular passengers in the London Underground. The goal of the project is to design an effective awareness campaign assist the frustrating environment and improve the experience of regular travelers in the London Underground.

While I was working on the task two about the visualizing ideas and concepts in design one, I picked the topic about London underground. At that moment, I went to London Underground in order to get inspiration of this project and I also experienced the frustration and stressed of a regular tube traveler. I took into consideration the time I spent in the transport, the noise and the crowd. So I decided to keep doing this topic in the FMP. Firstly, I looked for some articles about that topic. The TfL (Transport for London) website reported that ‘up to four million passengers travels by London Underground per day and during peak times there are more than 535 trains whizzing around the Capital.’ (TfL, nd.) In 2009, the report is called ‘Too close for comfort: Passengers‘ experiences of the London Underground’ did a survey on London’s subway train system and has found that over 80 per cent of passengers are stressed. It was made by a London transport committee, who questioned more than 700 commuters.  (Banville, 2009)

I focused my research for office workers only first. Because I thought they work in stressful environment and they have to travel across stressful surrounding. Their journey is rhythm by the stress. So my first research question was ‘how an effective communication design can help office worker in the frustrating environment at the London Underground?’ However, as I experienced this stressful environment too, I changed my research to ‘How can an effective awareness campaign assist the frustrating environment and improve the experience of regular travelers in the London Underground.

During the process I used five methods to develop my topic. I used Internet, I read newspapers, I did an online survey a face to face interview on the field and a persona and scenario for the creative processI found really difficult to overcome the language barrier during interviews and it was also uneasy to found regular tube travelers with time to answer my questions. Despite that the topic of my research did find a positive echo among the Londoners. Indeed the results of interviews underlined the frustration of the transport users. Most of them complained about the busy traffic the noise. In the beginning of my interview journey I was shy to disturb people. But as the answers of the travelers confirmed what I did find on internet and in the newspapers I felt more confident to talk to people, because I realized that people are willing to talk about their frustration.I can say that I progress from 10% confidence to around 85% at the end of my journey.

My outcome of the FMP was design an awareness campaign via three awareness posters – ‘Slow down, Avoid the Crash’ ‘Give way, Avoid the Crash’ and ‘Stand right, Avoid the Crash’. One basic rules of awareness booklet, eleven awareness Oyster Card Holders, eleven Candy Crash mini sweets and sweet bottles, an app has Route Planner, Station Alert, Oyster Card Top Up and Map functions, one video of project and one website. During this process I learned to overcome my shyness and built my confidence. Even if the language was sometimes a huge barrier, I realised that a clear and well presented topic can be understood from anybody. I realised that London underground is a crowded environment and even if I tried through my project to bring a bitserenity to travellers it does not really solve the problem on its own. If I had to redo the project again I will plan my journey differently. I will ask two or three regular travellers if I can follow them on week days and week end .I want to know if they are frustrated by the time the same way. I think this will be very accurate for my project.

Consequently, behind all process of this project are a simple propose: assist the frustrating environment and improve the experience of regular travelers in the London Underground.




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