Tina Wang

Process is as important as the outcome

Week 43: FMP-Awareness Campaign Poster



Here are the basic ideas what I made for Awareness Campaign Poster of the London Underground.

The right side poster is showing the crash between passengers. In the crowded London Underground, passengers make crash once they do not care others and they are in hurry. As the illustration, the bottle glass are broken and candy are scattering at everywhere. The candy likes passengers and the glass bottle like the protection. So the prose of this poster is to aware passenger please slow down when you walk through the London Underground.


Poster 1 – Slow down, don’t CRASH !

The another poster is showing the common condition usual happened when passenger s want to get in side of the rube train and the passengers who want to get out. The same messages which I would like to show to passengers is please wait a moment, let the passengers who are inside the tube train get out first, don’t make crash.



Poster 2 – Pause, don’t CRASH !

IMG_6749 11778225_1608024326117507_1992934643_n

Draft of the two posters


Week 43: FMP- Logo Design

The name of my FMP project is ‘CRASH‘. Crash including a lot of meaning in here, the main propose of this title is want to make passengers care others when they walk through the London Underground. In the crowded London Underground, passengers make crash once they do not care others and they are in hurry. In terms of the candy mini glass bottle, the opposite meaning is also want to passengers care emotion of others, make feeling crash, happy crash, it also can be positive. I am going to use the same colours and shape as the logo of the London Underground, just change the position of colours and word. It will be hard drawing, because I would like to show the flexible.

11778057_735904786521630_1884859947_n11774722_735904789854963_471185350_n   804563_735904793188296_1586910451_n11791803_735904329855009_914472971_n

Logo ‘CRAHS’ of my project

Week 42: FMP-Camberwell Postgraduate Summer Show 2015

I have been visited the Camberwell college of Arts London this week in order to see the Master Degree Show and also get some inspiration.

This show covered the list of major blow:

MA Visual Arts: Book Arts
MA Visual Arts: Designer Maker
MA Visual Arts: Fine Art Digital
MA Visual Arts: Illustration
MA Visual Arts: Printmaking

MA Book Arts contains some conceptual ides of bookmaking as students challenge what a book can be.


Project 1



IMG_6680 IMG_6695 IMG_6701

Project 2,3,4

MA Printmaking contains not only prints but also installation work. The students also experiment with fabric, bookmaking and scale.

IMG_6683 IMG_6684

Project 5

The biggest part of this show is the  illustration display, majority of illustration uses brightly coloured prints. I also love that they showed their sketchbook in the exhibition as this always gives more insight into a student’s work.

IMG_6654 IMG_6658

Project 6,7

 IMG_6660 IMG_6659

Project 8,9

IMG_6668 IMG_6672

Project 10,11

Week 42: FMP-London Transport Museum

I have been to the London Transport Museum last week, this is a part of my process in my research in order to know the historical project of the London Underground. I found this is a really interesting museum that people can acquire knowledge and also playful.

There was one exhibition called The Prize for Illustration 2015: London Places & Spaces, displays 100 illustrations that capture a variety of aspects of London’s unique character and qualities. The works in the exhibition range from the contemplative to the crowded and loud, imaginary or real, and from the past to the present – all places that form part this amazing City. Each of the illustrations is accompanied by a short description written by the artist revealing the inspiration behind their creation. [1]

IMG_3347 IMG_3348 IMG_3352 IMG_3354


The Prize for Illustration 2015: London Places & Spaces in London Transport Museum

Personality, the best part of the transport journey was the Art and Poster section. Over 100 years ago Frank Pick commissioned the first graphic poster (No need to ask a P’liceman, by John Hassall, 1908) for London Underground.The stores are a permanent home to one of the world’s finest and most comprehensive collections of transport posters and artworks. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich design heritage of London’s transport, explore some of the 7,000 posters that London Transport commissioned and get close to original artworks that are rarely seen by the public. [2]

IMG_3389 IMG_3383 IMG_3384   IMG_3388

Art and Poster in London Transport Museum


[1] London Transport Museum. (2014). The Prize for Illustration 2015: London Places & Spaces. Retrieved July 08, http://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/whats-on/exhibitions

[2] London Transport Museum. (2014). Art and poster store tours. Retrieved July 08, http://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/whats-on/museum-depot/guided-tours#artpostertours

Week 42: FMP- Image of Final Project development & Personal Icon

The graphics team require us an image of our Final Project development work to include on a website and poster and an icon design for ourselves to present on the exhibition.

This is the image what I chose from my research and sketchbook that I think it communicates my project. Basically, the original image was a scenario of user experience journey which I made for develop my project during research period. Though the user journey you can find some problems clearly, this is what I want.


An image of our Final Project development work to include on a website and poster


Original image was a scenario of user experience journey in my research

This yellow and blue with a tinny red box image is my icon for the FMP exhibition. The icon is based on my English name ‘Tina’, ‘Tina’ has the similar pronunciation as Chinese ‘天哪’ which means ‘Oh My God’ and also always have surprise when people saying ‘OMG’. So I hope my FMP project can display surprise to viewers and heard ‘OMG’. In terms of  the colours, I chose three-primary colours, because the colours of every projects are based on three-primary colours, every good designs are also based on primary things.



Week 41: FMP-Feedback from Tutorial

I had the last tutorial before self-study. It was really important and useful for me. This tutorial determine what I am going to display my project on FMP exhibition.

First of all, the main problem of London Underground is Crowded. Because of crowded, it leads a lot of problems and passengers feel frustrating in the London Underground. I am trying to improve the experience of Tube users (Regular travelers) by sweet colour. I would like to make passengers feel happy, warm and relax and also they can give happiness, to others and care other people when they travel in the London Underground.

The outcome of my project is ‘Awareness’ Campaign. There are some elements include in my project.

  • x2 Posters (Station + Trains)
  • x1 Booklet (Tips)
  • x 3/15 Packages for sweets
  • Alerts in Headphones (Prototype)
  • 2-3mins video (Sweets + Alerts in Headphones)
  • Website of project



Notes from Andy (Supervisor)



Ideation of London Underground



Notes about Alerts Headphone

Week 41: FMP-Workshop3

We had our last workshop this Wednesday with tutor Jackie and Dr Jane Birkin who presented alumni advice on exhibiting the FMP final outcome as an independent MACD practitioner. She kindly brought in again her sketchbooks to share and reflecting on her own FMP student experience and giving us the benefit of advice from a MACD student perspective.

11733434_732204216891687_2053211699_n 11748618_732204210225021_666431320_n

11749423_732204220225020_1954944404_n 11751390_732204206891688_1629514493_n

Hardout from Workshop

The SIX WORD STORIES Workshop produced on Wednesday, it was really useful for me to decide the titles of my FMP project.

In the1920s, Ernest Hemingway bet ten dollars that he could write a complete story in just six words. He wrote:”For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He won the bet.

A working title is sometimes called a production title, or a rough title and is a temporary name for a product or project used during its development. Working titles are used when the ‘end result’ is not decided or finished and work is still in progress. As the brief, we paired up with another student and spent 10 mins between us and discussed our projects. Then we tried to describe ourselves in 6 words. ‘Feel sweet, London Underground.’ was my working title which I made, because I am trying to make the project that is to let passengers feel sweet, relax and comfortable and solve the problem about frustrating environment from crowded in the London Underground. Dr Jane Birkin gave me suggestion that I can make the title more powerful, like ‘Candy Crush’.  After short discuss with Dr Jane Birkin, I clear on issues covered and that the work I am produced. Now to develop them to best represent our projects or decide that what I have works and does justice to your creative work.